Online Resume Review: Check the Resume for Numerous Issues

As research demonstrates, about 62% of hiring managers indicate that they prefer reviewing customized resumes because they serve best to land the desired interviews.

Moreover, about 50% of recruiters ignore resumes that have evident typos and other kinds of errors. This may happen due to the ATS resume checker that scans your resume for typos.

At, your resume is checked by real resume writers, because we focus on quality, which cannot be guaranteed by machines and resume screening software.

Provide your resume for it to be free reviewed by our agency and be sure to get a reasonable resume score and resume check by a person, not by a machine.


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Ensure Your Resume Is Interview Winning

  • Reduce the number of confusing typos and mistakes
  • Self-advertise efficiently by improving the content based on the feedback and reviewer's suggestions
  • Enhance the resume design and generate a visually attractive resume

Why Is Resume Check Important?

An interesting fact to all candidates, approximately 75% of resumes sent to hiring managers actually never go to hiring managers.

The majority of companies tend to utilize the applicant tracking system that does not automatically checks resumes for mistakes.

They basically scan documents for skills, experience, and particular job title, thus leaving your resume dying while being free of errors and not having necessary keywords.

Why this happens? We will give you the answer to this question.


Resume Companies Powered by Resume Screening Software

Many employers and agencies tend to utilize the leading and modern artificial intelligence technologies when checking resumes sent by customers.

Artificial intelligence may grade the resume on 25+ resume errors, including punctuation errors, grammatical errors, measurable results, word choice, etc.

These are the aspects that the hiring manager pays his attention to, so you need to focus on them to have an ideal resume.

Specifically, artificial intelligence assesses the impact of your resume for the strong word choice, brevity, and style.

Also the score involves the analysis of all bullet points on a resume and checks it for such components as keywords, length, filler words, and inconsistencies.

If you want to get an actionable advice and suggestions regarding your resume improvement, the potential to land more interviews, and the ability to meet all job requirements, refer to for a free resume review.

Free Resume Review: How-to Act?

Show Your Progress: Upload Your Resume

A resume reviewer should assess your resume by implementing a free resume review.

Resume reviews allow a resume reviewer to show the progress of the resume, identify mistakes and weak points, and make valuable suggestions regarding the presentation and organization, as well as proofreading of the resume.

Leave your contact info for us to send the feedback regarding your writing.

Wait for the Feedback

A reviewer delivers feedback within 48 hours upon resume review.

This time is worth waiting because a professional writer will specify whether you are on the right track and what should be done to enhance the quality of the document to make it competent.

Remember that our website do not use automatic tools to scan and score your resume.

We emphasize the involvement of a professional individual, who gives a valuable and reasonable feedback on the basis of a comprehensive resume review.

Free Resume Review: Look through the Results

A complete resume review is sent to your email for you to look through and pay attention to the feedback left by the reviewer.

Identify what is done well by you and what areas need improvement by adding skills, achievements, accomplishments, career goals, resume summary, keywords, etc. to create a professional resume.

The professional resume writer also provides tips regarding the style and will specify whether enough information is given by candidates in the resume.


What Should You Expect from the Free Resume Review

Below are some aspects the resume checker will scan and score your resume for:

  • The length of the resume and bullet points: conciseness is critical in resume writing
  • Resume compatibility with an ATS: your resume is analyzed for its compatibility with ATS to help your resume get into the hands of hiring managers and further to the potential employers
  • Resume keywords: professional resume reviewers and recruiters seek for the evidence of your resume's impact by identifying keywords relevant to the job description. A professional resume checker and resume grader - - can effectively score and scan your resume for the relevant keywords and style, as well as other powerful elements of a career- and impact-focused resume
  • Additional 25+ resume checks to ensure your resume is interview-winning and has a great potential to land your dream job

Job Description Matters Essentially During Resume Writing

To have a valuable resume score, a resume checker requires a job description from all customers because we do not use resume score software.

Since our human resources management emphasizes the need to create a professional resume review thoroughly, our resume expert crew should score the resume for its compatibility with the jobs clients tend to land.

As the user of the Web looking for a professional resume review - FREE REVIEW in our case - you should know that to create a resume review, our writing experts learned from the experience of recruiters employed at the leading companies.

We now know the nuances and elements emphasized by recruiters when they select resumes for further consideration.

We have spent about three years cooperating with software engineers and recruiters to create this online resume checker and resume grader.

However, our major emphasis is made on the human element as an essential part of resume review, which cannot be underestimated.

Our resume checker software helps identify major aspects related to the industry the customer wish to be involved in, but the entire review is implemented by a review professional.


Resume Review Services: Get Free Service Now

Identify the components that will be addressed by a resume score professional when you upload your resume for a review.

Style, Format, & Structure

  • Clear and neat resume structure and organization
  • The potential of your resume format to demonstrate your skills and job competence effectively
  • The inclusion of a professional summary as the first section in the resume to demonstrate your candidacy and create a positive opinion about you

Writing and Overall Grammar

  • A resume should introduce you as a valuable candidate for the jobs you are applying for
  • The writing should be mistake-free, concise, and easy to comprehend by recruiters
  • Grammar rules should not be ignored: correct tenses, punctuation, and tone are highly important
  • Repetitive cliches and phrases need to be removed, because they won't play into your hand
  • Weak and vague words and phrases should be avoided because the writing should be clear and concise

Analysis by ATS

  • The ability of ATS to read the resume sent by you
  • The interpretation of your professional experience by ATS
  • The expertise you possess in particular industries
  • The likelihood of the ATS to highlight you as a good candidate for a specific job

How Can a Job Seeker Improve the Resume?

In the intention to gain more interviews with a self-developed resume and cover letter, job seekers upload their resumes to the websites that use automatic resume checkers.

Let us explain the nature of such services.

Content Analyzer

What is this? This is a helpful tool to analyze the content of your resume and get valuable tips and suggestions regarding its improvement.

For instance, if some section was not added by you to the resume, the content analyzer will point it out to you.

Such algorithm allows identifying weak places in a resume and helps you improve it by making it visually appealing and quality in the eyes of a hiring manager.

While this is an automatic system, it gives a precious feedback and delivers an excellent review service to those who do not want to spend even a small fee to pay to a writing professional.


Referral Link

While you may spend hours developing an effective and influential resume, it still may be not ideal.

Therefore, sending it to someone with a fresh look would be a great decision if you sincerely wish to get the job of your dream.

You may use the service by sharing the referral link and a professional in your industry will upload your document and adequately respond to it with a critical eye.

You may select not to use the online services and find a person employed in your field and ask them to review the resume from a professional perspective.

Get a Personalized Advice from

The majority of resume service companies online give a generic, not personalized advice regarding the sent resume.

They may point at some elements with wholly basic phrases, which have nothing to do with the content of your resume.

Unlike other resume review agencies that use automatic systems to identify weak places and gaps in the resume content, our team focuses on the analysis performed by a human.

Our reviewers provide a comprehensive review and analysis of your resume and assess it from different perspectives.

As a result, you will get a competent resume targeted at the job of your choice and the potential to gain the first interview as soon as possible.

Remember that having an individual with a fresh eye on your resume predicts a success of your document in the future.